Ashley + Andrew

Ashley and Andrew's ceremony took place at the picturesque Trinity Presbyterian church in Fairhope.  I will always remember what she told me just a few minutes before she was set to walk down the aisle.  It was one for the record books people. Unfortunately, I've teased you... because I can't repeat it.  (Insert laughing until you cry emoji). Oh, the joys of bring a wedding planner! 

All jokes aside, this was a very special day filled with laugher and love. Their plan was to have the ceremony and reception outdoors at The Grand Hotel. With all outdoor weddings however, we always have a 'Plan A' and a 'Plan B'... just in case; and both are planned in detail so that we can easily execute either on a moments notice. Wedding day came and it was decided that it must be Plan B, and the plan executed to perfection. It was dazzling!

The theme was Romance and Vintage. Ashley opted to have three cakes instead of one, and the outcome was nothing short of amazing.  Enchanting birch tress were brought in and illuminated to create drama and sparkle.  For a sentimental touch, Ashley wore her mothers head piece for the reception and going away.

Professional Photography by Aimee Reynolds Photography