Erica + Ankit

The vibrant colors of Dr. Erica and Dr. Ankit's fall wedding are both captivating and inspiring. This striking ceremony and reception was held at Steelwood Country Club in Loxley, Alabama. The couple wanted to create the most intimate occasion for their family and friends. The lake served as the backdrop for the ceremony and an elegant sit down dinner was planned and executed with style & precision.  

Erica and Ankit even dared to have their wedding right in the middle of college football season!  As Alabama and LSU slugged it out on the gridiron, some guests were glued to the TV in the lounge while others were partying the night away out on the dance floor! Erica and Ankit made sure that everyone had a wonderful time!

Ok, and secretly, we all fell in love with Ankit. Shhh... don't tell Erica.

Professional Photography by Red Couch Photo